Satanic Surfers bass tabs

I'm not currently tabbing Satanic Surfers.

Hero of Our Time

...and the Cheese Fell Down
Better off Today
Use a Bee
Hero of Our Time
Before It's Too Late
The Treaty and the Bridge (click here for a YouTube video)
Armless Skater
Puppet (click here for a YouTube video)
Got to Throw Up
Good Morning
Head Under Water

666 Motor Inn

Even If Time Stood Still
I Scream
Fuck off, You Filthy Bastards
Don't Tell Us What We Should Do With Our Bodies, You Filthy Bastards
Start Over
Count Me Out
Silent Box
Don't Fade Away
You Can Count Your Money in Your Graves, You Filthy Bastards
Seed of Fear and Anger

Going Nowhere Fast

Worn Out Words
Wishing You Were Here
What Ever
Out of Touch
Big Bad Wolf
Lean onto You
Traditional Security

Fragments and Fractions

Pulling the Strings
When Was the Last Time...
The Bass Song

Unconsciously Confined

Thoughts, Words, Action
4 a.m.
The Sing-along Summer-song
State of Conformity
Don't Let Silence Be an Option
Aim to Please

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