My Tabbing Methods

Editor's note in 2020: This is so much fun that I had to leave this as it is, although today I am using Audacity. Enjoy the nostalgia! :D

Hello my friends! Many of you have been curious about how I make my tabs. Well here's a "brief" introduction to my tabbing methods! The pictures of the programs are in Finnish, but I hope it doesn't bother you too much. Ok, here we go!

First thing to do is listen the track once through - just to clarify the song structure and different parts (easier and harder). It's much easier to start tabbing when I have an overview of the becoming challenges.
My CD-player (Windows 98)(if you have Windows Media Player then you're fucked!):

BLUE CIRCLE: Mute left/right speaker -> separating two guitars:
RED CIRCLE: Pump up the bass (when making bass tabs)("Lisäominaisuudet"-option):

After listening the track so that the body of the song is clear, then I just simply start tabbing it with part-to-part technique. I just can't move on to the next part until I'm completely happy with the current part I'm practicing. The most difficult parts have taken a one hour (or even more) to complete! Usually it requires a couple of rewinds until I get the part right and the easier ones can be learned during the "first take". Practicing the whole song takes about 5 minutes to six hours. It's essential to have a CD-player with a rewind/forward option if you want to start tabbing seriously!
In some extra-fast guitar solos it's easier to learn the exact notes, when you slow the whole thing down. It's possible with Windows Sound Recorder:

When I know how the song goes and remember all the parts then it's time for writing them down. The EDIT-program in DOS-mode should be in every computer (Just type "edit" in the DOS-prompt). I'll create one "base-tab" (blue brackets) and then I just copy-paste-copy-paste it so that I don't have to create every damn string over and over again. Then I'll just add the notes in (with "insert"-switch on) and finish the tab. This phase takes something between 15 minutes and a couple of hours, but usually something like 45 minutes. (Check out the beautiful colors!):

After adding my signature to the bottom I'll make sure that everything is how it's supposed to be: I'll play the song from my tabs and listen the song once again to see if my part-structure needs some corrections. My earlier tabs have lots of mistakes, 'cause I didn't check them then. And that's why I check them today. Not funny!
Then I just transfer the current files to my homepage and send a note to the guy/girl who asked me to tab that particular tab. And that's that - next please!

Finally a bonus: in-action pictures! (02.02.2003.):

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